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The clay and limestone specific soil and the microclimate of the area are ideal for viticulture and φnix (phoenix) will retain its reputation for quality wine produced in the Batroun region. It is one of the rare terroir wine produced in Lebanon. The vineyard, owned exclusively by the Chédid and  Anid  families,  consists of 18,000 vines  spread over 6 hectares. It is planted in North Lebanon in the village of  Eddé (Batroun) at  altitudes ranging from 250 to 400m .

The quality is of our wine guaranteed by traditional winemaking methods used manual harvesting. The winemaking is under the supervision of our French oenologist, Yvan Jobard, a native of Burgundy. Organic certification was obtained in 2013 for the grapes and 2016 for all the wines.

The grape breeding and harvesting are set to favor quality over quantity. Imported from France they were selected from a field study and guidance of European specialists. Our choice fell on the following varietals: Marsanne, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache. The pruning: The most important step during winter to control yield. Weeding: Hand and mechanically, no herbicide used. At maturity, grapes are harvested progressively between August and September depending on the year. The malolactic fermentation takes place in all of our wines. We use stainless steel tanks. We use indigenous yeasts (made from grapes) not the pre- selected one. Minimum quantity of SO₂ is used, less than 50 % of the maximum allowed amount. The light filtration helps keep the fruity taste of our wines.

Yvan Jobard, our french Oenologist

44 years old, combining our efforts since 2008

Yvan Jobard
What is Organic wine ?

At Clos Du Phoenix, we let nature do its work.

The soils are kept free of chemicals.

We control mechanically the vineyard during all the steps, from prune to harvest, and every task is done manually by our Oenologist Yvan Jobard.

Our vision of winemaking is the simplest in the world.

Native yeasts, little SO₂ and malolactic fermentations on all our wines: Red, White and Rosé.

We strive to develop the expression of our terroir.

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